About Me

I’m a technical writer and coder by trade. This web site is my little corner of the net where I can post some examples of the things that I have been working on in my (not copious) spare time.

Yes, there is not much (if any) content at this site these days. I’ve delete all the of old and mostly hidden-to-the-public pages that had outdated (and mostly useless) content. I’m starting afresh with the site!

I’ve written a couple books on PHP programming. The books are a bit out of date (mainly PHP3 and early PHP4 examples), but they still have some good examples for people who have little or no coding experience and want to learn PHP. When my first book came out it was only the third “mass market” book on PHP to be published! The books have been translated into about 9 languages.

The Books:

I design and manage XML content-management and publishing systems and write user-documentation for enterprise and service-provider applications and hardware. I’ve worked for the giants of the tech industry. I started at Bell Labs (later Lucent Technologies) documenting optical networking hardware, then I did a stint at Cisco Systems on VOIP and collaboration technologies, and I am currently at HP, working in their Vertica “Big Data” division.